Colladeen Visage!

I recently received a top-up of my favourite skin supplements – Colladeen Visage!

I’ve been taking this for years – it’s great for water retention as well as your skin.  I had taken a break due to sheer laziness/being busy and as soon as I started taking it again there was an immediate affect on my skin! I cannot recommend Colladeen Visage highly enough.

Just take 2 a day with your meal and you’ll be well on your way to good skin!



Salina x




Illamasqua Takes Off With Virgin

Red lipstick? Check

Glamorous flight crew? Check

When I got the press release for this it just yelled glamour – Virgin are celebrating their 30th anniversary and have redesigned their uniforms! They also have Illamasqua on board to design the make-up look for crew, so now we have their Glamore Lipstick in Virgin – a beautiful red matching the Virgin pantone.  It’s a high pigment, satin finish lipstick, which is both hydrating and smooth.






If you fancy recreating the whole look then Illamasqua are offering a bundle for £50 which includes a Neutral Eye Palette, Lipstick in Virgin and Lip Pencil in Lust – a saving of £17.50.




Who can resist a red lipstick? x


Video Beauty Tutorials

Earlier this year I thought I’d try my hand at video tutorials and this is the finished product! There are two looks – a bronzed skin & eye liner look and a gold eye & red lip look, both are perfect for summer days or nights! So click on the links and head on over to my Youtube channel.

If you fancy recreating either look, send me a pic of the finished product to let me know how you got on.

A breakdown of the products used is listed below each video.

Salina x

Concealers and Touche Éclat

I’ve had a lot of people in the past ask me what I think about Touche Éclat when discussing concealers and it’s clear that most aren’t aware that Touche Éclat isn’t in fact a concealer. I was reminded of this recently when a friend posted on an instagram image of my favourite concealer (Estée Lauder Double Wear) and referred to Touche Éclat. So I thought I’d clear up any confusion!


When people buy a concealer it’s to hide skin imperfections – this is why Touche Éclat is not your friend. It’s a highlighter. So when you apply it, all it does is brighten the area and draw attention to it. It doesn’t have the coverage of a concealer. That’s fine if you don’t have any darkness under the eye but are perhaps just looking a bit tired and just want to lift the area. However, if you do have dark circles then Touche Éclat won’t cover those which is why I hear so many people say that it’s an awful concealer as it doesn’t hide those circles.


BUT if you use Touche Éclat like the highlighter it is, you’ll love it. Use it in a ‘V’ shape under the eyes to brighten that panel (you can apply concealer if needed under the eyes after), along your cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow on lip and down the centre of your nose to give dimension to your face.

Let me know how you get on!

Salina x