Photographer – Hollie Carlin

Make-up – Salina Thind

Model – Nina Malone


Everybody always asks how to do a smokey eye, so when I was shown the new shimmer cubes from The Body Shop I thought perhaps a twist on the traditional smokey eye would be nice!


SKIN – For Nina’s skin I used The Body Shop’s Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation (£14), which is a light to medium finish foundation.  It’s unique in that it contains cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and this gives the foundation a great dewy look and is really blendable, giving you that immaculate finish.  I used a fluffy foundation brush and buffed it into the skin to give it that extra polish.  It can be difficult choosing a foundation for darker skin as not all ranges have a huge colour range.  For this foundation I used the darkest shade on Nina (405), so if you’re any darker you may need to try another range from The Body Shop as there are some darker ones in the other lines. 


EYEBROWS – I’m all for multi-tasking products so as well as using the Carbon Eye Definer (£9) in black later for it’s intended purpose, I also used it for Nina’s eyebrows as she has very dark brows so the black won’t look too harsh if used with a subtle hand.  I took the pencil and softly filled in her brows using short, gentle strokes and then using a brush shaped like a mascara wand I brushed the brows up and along to soften and blend any hard lines.  Remember, we’re almost drawing in little hairs rather than drawing a straight line from end to end.


EYES – For Nina’s eyes I used Shimmer Cube #20 Blue/Grey (£16).  This is a great set of shadows as you have four different colours to play with (a white-ish, a silvery/grey, a navy and a black), so you can either wear a mixture of them as above or wear them on their own – as a bonus they’re crease-resistant! 

When doing a smokey eye it’s important to not go above the socket line of the eye, when you’re looking at yourself straight on.  To get the above look I started by applying the silvery grey colour from the inner eyes to about half way across the lid to give a brighter base.  I then took the navy and gently went over the initial colour and continued to the outer eye edge.  With the navy I deepened the colour from halfway to the outer part of the lid – you should see the colour going from light to dark .  I then took the black and blended some into the outer third of the crease/socket line of the eye.  Remember to blend, blend, blend so all the colours seamlessly work together, there should be no hard lines. 

The next step is to use the Carbon Eye Definer in blue to line all along the lash line, above and below, and smudge/blend it in – there’s a little smudger on the end of the pencil which you can use for this.  This eyeliner is highly pigmented (as you can see), really easy to work with as it glides on and doesn’t drag on the skin, which is important when working on the eye area.  I then used the black Carbon Eye Definer to line the waterline/inner rim of the eye (top and bottom) and smudged it slightly into the bottom lash line.  For a finishing touch I applied a dab of the lightest shadow to the inner corners of the eye to brighten the eye area. 

The final step for the eyes is mascara and I’ve been a long time fan of The Body Shop’s  Super Volume Mascara (£10) in black – it really does give you super volume, doesn’t clump and gives you intense colour. 


CHEEKS – With a blue smokey eye I think a bronze look on the cheeks looks really nice so I used the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (£13) from their Honey Bronze Make-Up range.  It’s a gorgeous matte bronzing powder and I applied it just under the cheekbone. 


LIPS - I kept the lips quite neutral and used the Honey Bronze Lip Nectar (£9.50) in Sand which is a sheer tint with a little bit of sparkle and looks great with bronzed skin.  It’s also honey enriched so makes your lips feel lovely!


And that’s how you create The Body Shop’s Blue Smokey Eye Look!  Let me know what you think or if you try this look and as always, questions/comments are welcomed.


Salina x



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