We all love dewy, glowing skin and what better way to achieve that than with the help of a highlighter!  Here are my three highlighter picks to best suit every budget.



PRICE : £5

WHERE: Tesco

WHAT:  – golden highlighter with a pink undertone

             – very fine shimmer, no glitter particles

             – blends very well

             – lasts all day

VERDICT:  This is a great product considering the price!  You get a lot of budget highlighters that are either too glittery or don’t really have much of an effect, however the Vivo’s is just right.




PRICE: £24.50

WHERE:, Boots, Department Stores

WHAT:  – a golden pink highlighter

            – easy to apply and blend

            – comes in a wind up tube so you can adjust how much product comes out

            – lightweight with a subtle finish

VERDICT:  This is a staple in my kit and it gives a great golden, glowing finish.  I’d recommend this over the Moon Beam or High Beam as for me it’s the better highlighter.




PRICE: £33


WHAT:  – a pearl coloured, liquid highlighter with SPF 20+         

            – blends amazingly well

            – as well as being a great highlighter, it contains vitamins A, B, D & E to aid in tissue repair, increase collagen renewal & moisture holding capacity. 

VERDICT:  This product is the priciest but it is one of my favourites as it is so easy to apply and blend and gives a very expensive luxe finish to the skin. Also, for those of you who think it’s too pale for you, it comes in a bronze as well called “Topaz” which is just as gorgeous.




  • If using the product just as a highlighter, apply it where the light would naturally hit your face – cheekbones, the brow bone, down the centre of the nose, cupid’s bow of the lips.
  • If using it more to illuminate your skin in general, then why not mix some in with your foundation to give an overall glow?
  • Remember less is more – you don’t want to end up looking too shiny or sweaty!



Salina x

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