NANOBLUR (£19.99)

I was invited to an event last week which promised to reveal the new “anti-ageing phenomenon”.  Now, as someone who thinks she’s found a new wrinkle every day, I was very excited.  Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the event, but managed to get a sample – for this read that I checked the post every day like a kid on Christmas morning.

Nanoblur promises to make you “look up to 10 years younger in 40 seconds or less” and “immediately erases the appearance of skin ageing, lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagginess and enlarged pores within seconds without any tint”.  And it’s natural.  What person in their right mind wouldn’t want this product?  I thought, as I ripped open the envelope.  Instead of applying it immediately to my face, I tried some on the back of my hand (I think it’s a make-up artist thing).  Straight away you could see where the Nanoblur had been applied and where it hadn’t.  The patch of skin it was on was very matte, smoother, more even and brighter.  So after I’d cleansed and moisturised (they suggest applying it at the end of your regime), I applied the Nanoblur and my skin definitely looked brighter and fresher – my sister made the “facelift” motion with her hands to describe the effect.  Gotta love it.

Now for their dos and donts.  If you’re wearing it with make-up then you should apply it over your liquid make-up but under your powder make-up.  However, this is where the problem starts for me.  Applying Nanoblur over liquid foundation made it very dry and patchy and I definitely wouldn’t use it this way.

So, after a morning of testing out Nanoblur, my verdict on the product is:

If you’re using it on bare skin then it works a treat, either mixed with your moisturiser if your skin is dry or applied over your moisturiser if it’s a little oilier.  However, if you’re using it with a liquid foundation then instead of using it OVER the foundation like they suggest, mix it with your moisturiser and apply it UNDER your foundation – almost like a primer.  This technique still works and gives you the results Nanoblur promises.  It’s important to mix it with your moisturiser rather than just applying it between moisturiser and foundation as it will stick and is extremely hard to blend.  Lastly, if you’re using a mineral make-up the product works perfectly well under it as Nanoblur suggests.

For a product that does what it does, in the amount of time it does it in, you would think it costs a pretty penny.  No, no.  It costs £19.99 and is available from Boots.  £19.99 to look 10 years younger in 40 seconds, by literally “blurring” any lines and flaws on the skin using an advanced form of optical prism technology.  If it’s good enough for those Hollywood celebrities, under those HD cameras, then it’s good enough for me!

For more information on Nanoblur –

Salina x

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