Time Bomb Skincare

Love this little step by step Time Bomb have put together on their website.


I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far from this range, as although anti-ageing, none of the products seems very heavy on the skin. Quite the opposite, they feel super light and absorb easily. I might need to give some other bits a try soon!

Salina x

Milly’s Bourjois Instagram Takeover

I popped into Bourjois HQ today to give lovely beauty blogger Milly a festive makeover – click on over to the Bourjois Instagram page for more pics & product details!


Doesn’t she look great? You can follow Milly’s own profile here.

What are your favourite Bourjois products?

Salina x

EX1 Cosmetics Foundation

The beaut Emory on today’s shoot – skin courtesy of EX1 Cosmetics!


This range was developed for people with olive skin tones and the foundation comes in 5 shades.

I’ve really enjoyed using the foundation on shoots and have actually nabbed the concealer for myself! Would definitely recommend it.

Thank you to Beauty Mart for sending through!


Bourjois Eyeshadow Quads

Everyone’s loving the freshly paletted Bourjois quads on today’s shoot!

Having been on a recent paletting mission, I decided to give these beauties their own home and at the same time giving me easy access to them.

The shadows are so pigmented and almost buttery in texture, people immediately fall in love with them.


For more info check out http://www.bourjois.com (or Boots & Superdrug who are forever having offers)!

Zelens Youth Glow Foundation

Today’s star product – Zelens Youth Glow Foundation.

Applied with a stippling brush with a dash of face oil it gives skin a gorgeous radiant finish – just mix together and buff!


Here’s a behind the scenes shot of model Francesca, where this foundation was used.


For more info check out http://www.zelens.com

Alpha H Liquid Gold

This is one of my absolute favourite skincare products and I have blogged about it before – Alpha H Liquid Gold serum. I can’t live without it! It smooths, plumps and just makes skin gorgeous and glowing. The mere thought of running out stresses me out!


For more info check out http://www.alpha-h.com