Photographer – Hollie Carlin

Make-up – Salina Thind

Model – Sharan


This Benefit look is a great one to make your features really pop and sparkle, as well as managing to look quite fresh at the same time.  For me this is what Benefit is all about – it’s a fun, quirky, playful brand with packaging that reflects that but it also has products which deliver.  Why not try this look for a party/date/night out with the girls?


SKIN – To prep Sharan’s skin I used the porefessional (£23.50) which is pore minimising primer.  It’s an oil free primer which reduces the appearance of pores and leaves skin silky smooth, allowing your foundation to glide on.  I applied this over the problem areas and then blended in.  Sharan’s skin needed very little coverage so instead of going for a foundation I opted for a tinted moisturiser and used you rebel (£23.50).  This is a lovely product and you can forego the whole “colour matching” issue as it adapts to your skin tone (there is a you rebel lite for the fairer skinned beauties out there).  I prefer applying tinted moisturisers with my fingers by warming up the product a little between my hands and then massaging it into the face – you get an even and natural application that way.  Another bonus with you rebel is that it contains Aloe, Vitamins A and E and has an SPF of 15.  This means your skin will be kept nice and moisturised with improved elasticity and you’ll be protected from those free radicals and harmful uv rays, don’t be fooled into thinking you can forego the spf just because it’s autumn/winter!


EYES – This look was created using my favourite ‘powder shadow over cream shadow’ technique, which really gives a good depth of colour but also helps the eye make-up last, but to make extra sure why not try stay don’t stray (£19.50).  Apply evenly over the lid and it’ll help your shadows last but will also mean you’re getting the true vibrancy of the colour.  Now, for the cream shadows I used creaseless cream shadow (£14) in Skinny Jeans (a lightish grey) and Strut (darker grey) – you can use these on their own as like it says they are creaseless, they’re also smudgeproof.  I applied Skinny Jeans from the inner corners of the eye to about two-thirds of the way across and then continued with Strut to the outer corners of the eyes.  As usual – stay below the socket line/crease of the eye and blend that line there!  I then used the velvet eyeshadow (£13.50) in Fawn Over Me (a light shimmery beige) and Where There’s Smoke (silvery grey) to intensify the colour.  I applied Fawn Over Me over Skinny Jeans and Where There’s Smoke over Strut.  I then repeated all this along the bottom lash line, mirroring what was done to the eyelids. 

 To finish I used BADgal waterproof liner (£14) in Charcoal along the top lash line and then lined along the waterline of the eye.  This is a great pencil to use as it glides on smoothly, which means there’s no pulling on the delicate eye are.  It’s also waterproof so it’s not going anywhere! 

For Sharan’s lashes I used they’re real! (£18.50) which is Benefit’s new false lash effect mascara and it’s actually pretty good.  I’m not a huge fan of the rubber mascara wands normally, but you definitely get the desired curling, lengthening and volumising here as well as lift and separation (you can read more about it under my new feature “Your Budget, Your Choice” above).


EYEBROWS – Benefit have a great brow shaping kit called brow zings (£22.50).  It not only comes with the product (a pigmented wax and a powder to set), but comes with a tweezer, angled brush and blending brush.  It comes in three shades and I used deep for Sharan.  I first used the wax to get the desired shape, just filling in the gaps and then used the powder to go over the wax.  You can be as subtle or bold as you like depending on how you like your brows, but brow zings can do it all – you can use the powder alone for a subtler look if you wanted and both to get a more striking look.


CHEEKS – I have always been a fan of Benefit’s box powders and blushers and when they launched bella bamba (£23.50) I knew I’d found my favourite.  This is a 3D brightening pink face powder laced with shimmering gold undertones and it just looks amazing on any skintone as it really gives you a gorgeous blush but with a nice shimmer.  Before applying this, I applied girl meets pearl (£24.50) to the cheekbones, brow bones and cupids bow of the mouth to give a nice highlight. This highlighter is a similar tone to bella bamba with its pinky gold finish.  After applying the highlighter I applied the blush to the apples of the cheeks and then swept it underneath the cheekbones and up around the temples to just tie it all together, but make sure the colour intensity is on the apples of the cheeks. 


LIPS – This colour was achieved by using full finish lipstick (£14) in Shy and ultra shines (£14) in Patootie.  This colour is great for either day or night and looks so fresh – what’s not to like?


And that’s how you create Benefit’s Grey/Silver Eye Look!  Let me know what you think and keep those messages coming!


Salina x